Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top 5 Hot (Cartoon) Moms on Television

Ever since the first hot cartoon mom, Wilma Flintstone, graced the television airwaves men and boys alike (and some girls) have pined for hot animated moms.  We've all been there, and if you say you haven't you're a damn, dirty liar!  It's not easy to shuffle through all the hot cartoon moms and pick out five, but here are MY picks.

Francine Smith (American Dad)
Francine has two sides to her personality.  The first the the devoted wife and mother who enjoys house work (maybe a bit too much).  The other side is the wild party girl who is 420 friendly and likes to hit the sauce.

Pros: Natural blonde, likes folding laundry, has a smoking hot body.
Cons: Husband works for the CIA, too clingy to her son, is willing to have sex with anyone who will invest in her muffin kiosk.

Mrs. Cartman (South Park)
Mrs. Cartman is the hottest mom on South Park.  That in itself is not a great accomplishment when you look at Stan's mom who looks like a dyke and Kyle's mom who needs to lay off the matzo balls.

Pros: Bakes non-stop, is a sure fire lay, invented Powdered Donut Pancake Surprise.
Cons: Is a hermaphrodyte, surely has every VD 10 times over, mother to Eric Cartman.

Lois Griffin (Family Guy)
Lois Griffin is T.V.'s hottest mom right now.  This firey redhead can be naughty in the sack and is known for a bit of role playing (Including dressing up like McDonald's Grimace).

Pros: Natural redhead, doesn't mind sleeping with fat men, is pro-choice.
Cons: Annoying voice, has a slightly dirty past, slept with Bill Clinton.

Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)
Marge Simpson is Playboy's November 2009 cover girl and has, also, been featured in Maxim Magazine.  The blue-haired goddess is proof that yellow is beautiful.

Pros: Attracted to slobs, is an accomplished artist, has a great figure for pushing out three kids.
Cons: Nags a lot, spends a lot of money on hair spray, is a real buzz kill.

Peggy Hill (King of the Hill)
Peggy Hill wouldn't top MOST people's list of the hottest women on television, but she has her good points.  Besides being "fluent" in Spanish, Peggy boasts many "Substitute Teacher of the Year" awards and writes for a local newspaper.

Pros: Sex starved, can roll her "R"s, likes beer.
Cons: HUGE feet, makes up her own facts, only wears granny panties.

Did I miss one of your favorite cartoon moms?  Tell me who she is in the comments and be sure you tell me why!


john said...

id do luis and the conservitive in me would want peggy hill to join in the three some :)

Kate said...

Ha ha good choices however we seem to lack hot cartoon dads.


plainolebob said...

man i just love marge, she should win an emmy.
Bess says hi

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